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Aggressive, Effective, Ethical, Compassionate

After practicing law in Hawaii for more than 20 years, Will Copulos has officially retired. Having achieved more success and wealth than he ever anticipated, in 2007 he decided it was time to enjoy the fruits of his many years of hard work and spend more time enjoying his wife and family, while volunteering at a number of non-profit organizations and considering significant and meaningful questions such as the meaning of and purpose to life.

He would like to express his heartfelt aloha and mahalo to his employees, clients, and friends for their confidence, support, and many referrals over the years.

His strong commitment to the provision of quality legal representation, obtaining the best possible results for his clients, and maintaining the highest degree of integrity, continues. With ongoing connections to the personal injury legal community in Hawaii, he welcomes inquiries from his clients, other Hawaii residents, and visitors regarding new personal injury and insurance disputes. He will be happy to refer you to attorneys who approach the practice of law as he did.

Aloha and Mahalo!


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