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What some of our current and former clients are saying about us.

Dear William Copulos,

Thank you for the substantial settlement that you won for me. It was well "over and above" anything I could have expected. Your knowledge and efficiency in processing my claim was also well "over and above" anything I may have expected from the average professional.

Perhaps your integrity and honesty is a result of your service in the U.S. Marine corps.., and perhaps your fortitude is a result of your experience as a Golden Glove boxer. I don't know. I do know however, how much I appreciated your strength, honesty, and dependability over the course of my case. To this day, I still have the utmost respect and admiration for your work and for you as a man.

You, with great honor and ability, were able to support my claim, and with impeccable integrity and kindness to me, present the most professional and concise representation of my losses to the Insurance Company. You were able to convince my Insurance Company, that it was in their best interest not to fight us in court. The insurance company respectfully knew not to object. They knew as did I know, that you were a man of honesty and integrity, who not only knew the law, but also had the integrity to stand with your client to the end and fight for the law if they had chosen to go to court. Instead of fighting us in court they already knew the outcome. They award me a very fair and substantial settlement check. This check as well as this experience has in fact changed my life and changed my attitude of the justice system.

I now believe that one individual can find justice in the system, provided he or she has someone like Will Copulos on their side. Truth and Justice will overcome when presented in the proper professional language by a person of great integrity fortitude and Ability, and that person is William Copulos, Attorney at Law.
-Dr. Edward C. Keller, D.P.M., Podiatrist, June 7, 2006

I never had to retain any legal services in the past so when faced with the dilemma of seeking professional legal services, naturally I had to do some research. After going through almost a dozen or so attorneys, I found that there are certain intangible elements that a client must consider when retaining legal aid. After meeting Mr. Copulos, it became evident that he not only exemplified a professionalism of the highest quality, he also managed to integrate these intangible elements into his dealings with clients. Furthermore, he applies a humanistic approach to the often confusing and drawn out waiting period of the legal side of the personal injury type cases.
-Victoria A. Duro

I first met Will Copulos about six years ago when our boys played baseball together on the same Kailua Little League team. I recall being immediately impressed with him even before I got to know him. He had a certain flair in his walk and confidence in his manner. Over the years since then, I have come to know him very well. He is a bright, aggressive yet compassionate man. Even more, he is a contributing m ember of this community. I have referred friends to his law office in the past. If ever I, or any of my loved ones, find ourselves in need of a personal injury lawyer, Will Copulos is the only one I would think of.
-Lot Montgomery

For anyone who has had a motor vehicle accident and has endured the arduous task of seeking legal representation, the search can at times be a journey in futility. Mr. Copulos has been a glimmer of light in an otherwise dark tunnel. Apart from his professional capability in handling my personal injury case, the most powerful impression I have of Mr. Copulos is his sincere interest in helping his client to the "nth" degree. His expedient nature in dealing with the all too confusing insurance issues and his uncanny ability in relating these processes to the client in lay terms, in my opinion, set Mr. Copulos a breed apart. I have told all of my friends and anyone who needs legal help that Mr. Copulos is not only an excellent attorney, but moreover, a human being who cares to make a difference.
Edward P. Ayau

I was rear-ended at a stop sign in April 1996. The doctor I had trusted for more than a decade gave me muscle relaxers for a year, but I had a huge lump on the back of my neck and numbness in my arm. After getting a new doctor, who ordered x-rays and an MRI, I was told at least one operation would be necessary. That was March 1997.

During 1998, out of work and still in pain, my savings disappeared, and I was forced to get welfare disability and eventually Social Security disability.

Will agreed to help me in dealing with the two auto insurance companies (mine and the guy who hit me). It was March 1999, my original attorney, a man I had trusted for at least two decades had decided to move to the mainland. The case had been turned down by several other lawyers including one who advertises extensively. My original attorney suggested I consider accepting the insurance company’s offer of $50,000.00.

By this time, I had been operated on a second time, seen by a half dozen doctors (i.e., neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists, pain management and disability examiners). I also had about 2500 pages of legal and medical information that would have given anyone a headache. As a human services worker, I had spent a lifetime trying to help others whose lives had not exactly worked out. All too often, I heard horror stories of how easy it is to place your trust in the wrong hands.

During the 11 months after Will took my case, he methodically addressed each concern presented by the insurance companies, clarifying any confusion there was about my situation. I believe that prior to his involvement, my disability was considered to be a cruel routine joke by those people who supposedly deal with personal injury cases for the insurance companies. As a result of Will’s hard work and aggressive representation, he was able to increase the insurance company’s initial offer of $50,000.00 to the final settlement of more than $300,000.00. Will also negotiated my outstanding medical bills. I consider myself lucky to have stumbled onto this man, and would recommend him without hesitation to anyone that was injured and in need of legal representation.
-Rich Lamb

When I was injured in an automobile accident, I had no idea I would need an attorney to protect my rights. When insurance funds ran out and I needed more medical attention, it was time to get an attorney. I sought the help of William Copulos. From my initial consultation, I realized I was in the best of hands. Mr. Copulos reassured me that I would get all the medical care I would need and personally followed up on my progress. Throughout my injury claim, Mr. Copulos demonstrated strength, endurance and stability, and in the end negotiated a much larger than expected settlement.

I find Mr. Copulos to be accomplished and knowledgeable as well as thoughtful and caring. The profession is fortunate to have an attorney of such high integrity and skill, and I am blessed to have had an attorney that represented me so well. Without a doubt, if anyone is injured in a motor vehicle accident or is suffering a personal injury and are in need of legal representation, they should give William Copulos a call. I'm glad I did!
-Jennifer J. Freels

Approximately four years ago, I was involved in an automobile accident and sustained injuries to my back and neck. I was working at the time and had health insurance through my employer. Due to the continued problems with my back/neck, I had to eventually quit work and, therefore, lost my health insurance. I had to deal with my car insurance company to obtain medical treatments and this became a nightmare. At one point, they denied all of my doctor's care. Also, due to the loss of income, I began to go into debt. I had creditors continually calling me and I could not find alternative employment that would not be affected by my back problems. As the incurring medical expenses began to get overwhelming and the insurance companies began to give me a hard time, I became more and more depressed. I sought help from several attorneys but it seemed as if they were out for themselves. I eventually found William Copulos. He treated me as a person with respect and not just a case number. I was very impressed with his professional demeanor and his sincerity. He advocated for me and fought for me when I was not able to fight for myself. He first successfully fought my car insurance company and got them to pay for my needed medical treatment. He then successfully fought the other driver's insurance company and got me compensated for my pain and suffering. He provided insight to a great deal of the legalities that I did not understand. He became a person who I could talk with when I needed someone (and he did not charge for these phone calls). He was very supportive. I felt extremely comfortable with him and truly believed that he was out to help me and not himself. I highly recommend William Copulos as an attorney to anyone needing legal representation due to personal injuries.
-Stacey Fennel

"William Copulos, Attorney At Law".....does not begin to credit the man behind the name. His representation of me in my recent personal injury was by far exceptional. It goes beyond the legal layer. Attorney Copulos is understanding and maintains open lines of communication. He makes himself available for contact and renders quick responses to your concerns and questions.

His expertise and timely documentation keeps you abreast and confident. You remain well informed of the status of your case. His integral client/attorney relations go beyond words.

Attorney Copulos' compassion and humble demeanor brought me comfort in my time of need and distress. I am honored to write of my experience with him, and recommend him with highest regard.
-Lucy I. Centeio


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